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6magic_bitch's Journal

SIX MAGIC, bitch!
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We make stuff. Usually fandom-related, usually something to do with Supernatural... you'll find lots of icons here, some fanfic, maybe some layouts and other graphics eventually. Maybe even, if we feel really inspired, a few choice pieces of original fic! (but that doesn't seem likely in the near future, since Supernatural has basically eaten our brains).

We are ewlyn and ficliously. We're fangirls. Come squee with us.

apple, being pretentiously arty, bela talbot, black books, boys, boytouching, cappie, cappie is banging evan, daisy steiner wins!, damon albarn, danneel harris, david bowie, dean winchester, dean winchester is sexist, dean winchester likes pie, demons, dogtown, don't fear the reaper, edgar wright, eric kripke evil genius, ewan mcgregor, firefly, glam rock, greatest hits of mullet-rock, greek, green wing, hey brother, hot fuzz, hot ham water, james mccavoy, jan saudek, jared padalecki, jayne is cunning, jensen fucking ackles, joss whedon, kim manners is god, lee pace, leonardo dicaprio, lillith is kinda dumb, michael cera, mulder and scully, nathan fillion, never-nudes, nick frost, no more meat hooks, not ruby (sry), ol yellow-eyes, papawin is a dick, photography, procrastination, robert downey jr, sam winchester, sam winchester eats girls, sandy mccoy, serenity, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, skins, slash, spoilers suck out loud, supernatural, the mummy, the padasloth, the tremor brothers, upstate new york, velvet goldmine, wincest, winchester brotherly love, wonder boys