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Master Art Post: Nacht der langen Messer

This is the master art post for Nacht der langen Messer by weimar27 which was written for spn_j2_bigbang 

Summary: In the days before the Rohm-Putsch, Jared Padalecki, onetime member of the now defunct Communist Party, is living a mundane existence as a store clerk in Berlin. As his professional life goes downhill, he finally decides to visit the infamous Erbsunde that his brother Jaku, a former member of the RFB, and the rest of their friends have been visiting for the past year. During the Heyday of the Communist Party, Jared and Jakub fought for the party on the front lines long enough to gain enemies among the Nazis, specifically Johannes Ackles, now an important member of the SS, and the older brother of Jensen Ackles, a musician and composer with a tragic past who’s a performer at the club. There’s an instant connection between the two, and with the knowledge that forces beyond their control may keep them apart Jared and Jensen begin a relationship.

I would like to thank weimar27 for the countless hours she put into writing her story for us, ficliously for being my art beta,  and wendy and thehighwaywoman for organizing this project each year.


Artwork for this story was based off of 1930's advertisements and propaganda posters, both German and from other countries, such as these:


Was I entirely successful?  I'm not sure... but considering this is the first time I've done something outside PhotoShop in almost two years, I think it was a decent attempt.  Headers, obviously, are done in PhotoShop.

And, in case anyone is wondering what my watercolouring skills look like after two years of neglecting them, here is the raw image used for the main image.  Clicking it will open it fairly big.  Not dial-up friendly.

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